20% dirt.|70% tarmac.|10% gravel.|100% rallycross.

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What is Rallycross?

RallyCross is what happens when you mix wheel-to-wheel battles from circuit racing with spectacular drifts from stage rally. Daredevil maneuvers and car contact make watching the sport just as exciting as sitting in the driver's seat. Rallycross tracks are relatively short, ranging from a half mile to 1.3 miles long. The tracks also feature a “joker lap”. Taking the joker lap means racing though a separate, breakaway section on the racetrack that is longer than the standard lap. All drivers are required to take a joker lap in every single race, at least once. A short track means a quick race, with each race lasting around three adrenaline fueled minutes.

Rallycross is by far the most accessible form of motorsport across the globe. Entry fees and equipment requirements are substantially less than any other forms of performance rally. If your four wheel passenger vehicle has a fixed roof and can pass a safety inspection- it can rallycross. Can-Ams, subaru wrxs, sierra-cars, and bmw e46 sedans are just a few examples of what people can, and have, raced in rallycross.

Our mission with this series is to not only bring regional rallycross to Reno, but also give those who love to drive access to a permanent location where they can progress their skills and have a blast doing it. The facility will sponsor and develop programs that bring racing to the area for youth and adults, local residents and visitors, and will strengthen the new recreational economic base for the city.

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Run any car

In Reno Rallycross, bring any car you want. Our only requirement is you sign a waiver, and wear a helmet. Lets have some fun, and be safe.

To register your car, please visit our registration page.

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